2 Meter Net

We hold a 2m net each Monday evening  at 8:00pm on the WCARA - WC8VOA 145.39- repeater. No PL tone is required.

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We host a number of weekly & monthly meetings with programs for all level of amateur radio operators.

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8th District QSL Bureau

WCARA is proud to host and staff the 8th District QSL Bureau at the historic Bethany VOA Relay Station.

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Repeater Update

Special Event Station - Saturday, September 20, 2014

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Bethany Voice of America transmission site.

The West Chester Amateur Radio Association, which operates club station WC8VOA from the decommissioned VOA transmission site
willl operate as a special event station from 1400 to 2400 UTC using the callsign WC8VOA.
Bands depend on conditions, but 20m & 40m SSB are most likely to be used.
QSL direct with a SASE  (International via the bureau) - Check www.wc8voa.org for QSL details.



WC8VOA Repeater News

In March, the WCARA was offered the opportunity to participate in Yaesu's introduction of their DR-1 combination digital/analog repeater.  This was something that we just could not pass up, and the repeater was installed shortly afterward.

DR-1 thumb

The repeater is capable of both 2m and 440 mhz operation, although not simultaneously or as a crossband.  It has been installed to operate on the WC8VOA repeater 145.390(-) frequency, with no tone required.  It presently operates at 50w output, and is capable of both digital and analog FM operation.  The digital mode utilizes C4FM protocol, which is an open source protocol.


Along with the repeater, the club received a dual band mobile FTR-400 digital/analog transceiver, and a dual band FT1DR handheld.   These units are capable of both digital and analog transmissions, and include a GPS and ARPRS operation.


The repeater has several combinations of operating modes.  Initially, it was installed to transmit analog FM, regardless of whether it received a digital or analog incoming signal.It is now in full automatic mode, which means that it will transmit digital when receiving digital, and analog FM when it receives analog FM. 


In this mode, a transceiver set to receive analog FM will hear "noise" when the repeater is transmitting digital.  To provide a method for FM users to exclude this noise, the repeater sends  a 123.0 tone when transmitting FM.  The user can set the tone squelch on their unit to this frequency, and their receiver will only respond to the FM transmission.  A digital user will not hear the FM transmission.


The digital capabilities of this repeater are quite extensive. Aside from voice communiction, it can simultaneously transmit digital data files and/or pictures.  Call groups can be established, along with unique digital identifiers.


The repeater is open, no tone required.  Everyone is welcome to experiment with the repeater's capabilities.  To find out all of the operationl capabilities, go to Yaesu's website and download the operating manuals.

FT1DR thumbFTM-400DR thumb


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